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Name Contact Info Interest Areas
Abdi, Cawo
Associate Professor
1146 Social Sciences
Migration; Gender, Race and Class; Family; Islam; Development Studies; Human Rights; Globalization; Africa; Middle East
Almquist, Zack
Assistant Professor
960 Social Sciences 612-624-1895
Social Network Analysis, Mathematical and Computational Sociology, Spatial Analysis, Demography, Public Health, Methodology, and Human Judgement and Decision Making
Aminzade, Ronald
1031 Social Sciences
Historical and Comparative; Political Sociology; Sociology of Development; Nationalism; Race Relations; Social Movements; Democratic Theory
Baer, Alejandro
Associate Professor
1133 Social Sciences
Social Memory Studies, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Antisemitism, Sociology of Judaism, Sociology of Media and Communication, Qualitative Methods, Visual Sociology.
Bian, Yanjie
967 Social Sciences
Economic sociology; Social networks; Social stratification; Chinese society
Boyle, Elizabeth
909 Social Sciences
Sociology of Law; Globalization; Children's and Women's Rights
Broadbent, Jeffrey
1026 Social Sciences
Political Sociology; Environmental Sociology; Social Movements; Network Analysis; Discourse Analysis, Institutions and Culture; Cross-national Comparative Methods; Climate Change; Japan; East Asia; Ethongraphy, Global and Comparative/Historical Sociology.
DeWaard, Jack Assistant Professor 1148 Social Science 612-624-9522 International and Internal Migration; Assimilation and Integration; Demography and Ecology; Quantitative Methods.
Edgell, Penny
1039 Social Sciences
Culture; Religion; Gender & Family; Symbolic Boundaries & Inequality
Ferrales, Gabrielle
Assistant Professor
1152 Social Sciences
Law and Society; Gender; Criminology and Criminal Justice; International Criminal Law; Quantitative and Qualitative Methods; Factorial Survey Methods for Empirical Analysis
Gerteis, Joseph
Associate Professor
1125 Social Sciences
Historical Sociology; Politics and Social Movements; Social Theory; Diversity and Solidarity in American Society
Goldman, Michael
Associate Professor
1070 Social Sciences
Transnational, Political, and Environmental Sociology; Global Urbanization; Transnational Institutions of Finance, Development, & Expert Networks.
Gowan, Teresa
Associate Professor
1080 Social Sciences
Urban Sociology, Ethnography, Poverty and Inequality; Consumption; Alternative Economies
Hartmann, Douglas
835 Social Sciences
Race and Ethnicity; Sociology of Culture; Sport Studies; Social Movements and Social Change; American Society; Field Methods; Contemporary Theory
Hull, Kathleen
Associate Professor
1131 Social Sciences
Culture; Law; Social Movements; Family; Gender and Sexuality
Knoke, David
939 Social Sciences
Social Networks; Economic Sociology; Organizations and Work
Liebler, Carolyn
Associate Professor
1135 Social Sciences
Race and Ethnicity; Social Demography; Indigenous Peoples; Social Stratification; Sociology of the Family and Life Course; Social Support
Logan, Enid
Associate Professor
956 Social Sciences
Blackness in the Americas, Contemporary U.S. Race Relations; Race & the Body, Race & Electoral Politics, Blacks and Social Class, Afro-Latin America
Malmquist, Carl
1174 Social Sciences
Juvenile Justice; Homicide; Adolescence; Law and Society; Law and the Mental Health System
Meier, Ann
Associate Professor
1127 Social Sciences
Family and Life Course; Adolescent and Young Adult Development; Gender
Moen, Phyllis
1123 Social Sciences
Work, Family, Health, Policy, Age and the Gendered Life Course
Mortimer, Jeylan
1014 Social Sciences
The Life Course, Social Psychology, Work
Page, Joshua
Associate Professor
935 Social Sciences
Crime, Law, Deviance, and Punishment; Labor and Unionization; Political Sociology; Qualitative Research Methods; Social Theory
Phelps, Michelle
Assistant Professor
1035 Social Sciences
Crime, Law, and Deviance; Inequality; Mixed Methods
Samaha, Joel
1033 Social Sciences
Criminal Law and Procedure in U.S. Society; History of Criminal Justice
Savelsberg, Joachim
1144 Social Sciences
Knowledge; Law, Crime & Punishment; Human Rights; Comparative; Theory
Schurman, Rachel
1078 Social Sciences
Agri-food Studies, Political Sociology, Social Movements, Global Political Economy, Development/Post-Development Studies
Swartz, Teresa
Associate Professor
933 Social Sciences
Families; Intergenerational Relations; Social Inequality; Asian American Studies; Gender; Welfare State; Children, Youth and Young Adulthood
Uggen, Christopher
1167 Social Sciences
Crime, Law, and Deviance; Life Course; Inequality; Methods
Warren, John "Rob"
1172 Social Sciences
Social Inequality; Education; Health Disparities; Demography
Wrigley-Field, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor
Robert Wood Johnson Post Doc, joining us in fall 2016
Formal Demography; Social Demography; Race, Health, Inequality

Affiliated Faculty

Name Contact Info
Arthur, John
Professor, Sociology & Anthropology, UMD
Brewer, Rose
Professor, African American & African Studies
Call, Kathleen
Professor, School of Public Health
Feld, Barry
Professor, Law School
Maahs, Jeffrey
Associate Professor, Sociology & Anthropology, UMD
McAlpine, Donna
Associate Professor, School of Public Health
Oakes, Michael
Associate Professor, School of Public Health
Pierce, Jennifer
Professor, American Studies
Roberts, Christopher
Associate Professor, Law School
Ruggles, Steven
Professor, History & Director, MN Population Center
Seashore, Karen
Professor, CEHD, Org. Leadership, Policy & Development
Shippee, Tetyana
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
Selmini, Rossella
Associate Professor
Snyder, Mark
Professor, Psychology
Soss, Joe
Professor, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Emeriti Faculty

Name Contact Info
Anderson, Ronald
Professor Emeritus
Fulton, Robert
Professor Emeritus
Nelson, Joel
Professor Emeritus
Reiss, Ira
Professor Emeritus
Ward, David
Professor Emeritus


Research Specialties

Faculty News

  • Moen Receives Dean's Medal

    Moen for blog.jpg
    Join us in congratulating Phyllis Moen who was awarded the CLA Dean's Medal for 2015, an annual award given to an outstanding member of the faculty on the basis of excellence in scholarship or creative activity. Phyllis has spent her career researching occupational careers, gender, families, and well-being over the life course, including the frequently obsolete social, cultural, and policy ecologies in which lives play out.

    We will miss Phyllis as she heads to Stanford University's Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences as a residential fellow for the 2015-16 academic year. The Center brings together scholars currently engaged in using behavioral science to address important problems as well as those who are grappling with intellectual issues that can provide the context for translational behavioral science.

    April 30th, 2015
  • Violence Againt South African Migrants

    Since her op-ed CNN piece, Cawo Abdi, has been interviewed by Al Jazeera 's TV program The Listening Post when they focused on South Africa and how the violence against migrants was covered by diverse media outlets; the South African Broadcast Corp. radio station (SAfm Current Affairs) on the flow of migration through the Mediterranean and South Africa and the resulting humanitarian crisis; and by a radio station in Korea, This Morning, Seoul.

    April 29th, 2015

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