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UMSA: University of Minnesota Sociological Association

University of Minnesota Sociological Association (UMSA) is a student organization based on three main objectives:

  • To provide sociology students a place for their voices to be heard.
  • To provide a place for sociology students to interact with fellow undergraduates, graduate students and faculty within the department.
  • To broaden the awareness of the sociology department to sociology majors/minors or perspective sociology majors/minors.


Spring 2014 UMSA Meetings
All students interested in Sociology are invited to attend

2013-14 UMSA Officers and Adviser

UMSA is a forum for Soc students to get connected with others in the Department of Sociology. UMSA meeting times, dates, and topics for upcoming events will follow in separate e-mail messages. There is a UMSA announcement board in the basement of Blegen with current info (ground floor between Social Sciences building and Blegen Hall).

2013-2014 UMSA Officers (

President Shannon Adkins
Vice-President Yuting Wu
Co-Chair Nicole Nelson
Secretary Riku Kawaguchi
Treasurer Taylor Day
Marketing & Public Relations Preston Palmer


All soc majors and minors are welcome and encouraged to attend!. Please join us if you would like a more active roll in your department. We are always looking for new members.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming more involved in this student organization please contact an UMSA officer via e-mail at

UMSA has held several dynamic events over the past few years. Listed below are a few examples of the types of sessions we have organized.

Past Events

  • Picnic on the Plaza in front of the Social Science building with Chipotle burritos, chips and Coca-Cola products. This event was a fun way to meet with other students.

  • A welcome reception was held for our new and visiting faculty, followed by pizza and a movie.

  • Sessions held focusing on prospective law enforcement careers for students.

  • Faculty panel to discuss upcoming courses of interest to students.

  • Instructors shared tips on how to successfully prepare for the Sociology senior project. The panel included Ann Hironaka, Ryan King, and Rob Warren.

  • Round table discussion with majors who had recently returned from study abroad in such places as Ecuador, Korea, Australia, France, Spain, and India.

  • Guest speaker from the Bloomington Police Department, Commander Ryan, spoke about Homeland Security and Emergency Management in MN.

  • One of our own honors student Dallas Drake, Principal Researcher and Cofounder of the Center for Homicide Research (a Minnesota-based academic research project on homosexual homicide) lectured on understanding homicide in general and the unique aspects associated with homicides involving the GLBT community.