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The Sociology Bachelor of Science Degree

For those that would like a broader foundation in statistics, some calculus, and data analysis, Sociology offers a B.S. degree option for both the General and the Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance major.  The B.S. offers students the opportunity to develop quantitative analysis skills that are beneficial for the job market, as well as for those aspiring to go to graduate school in a wide range of fields. Students who choose the B.S. still take the same number of Sociology Cores, Electives, and the Major Project as with the B.A. degree option but build upon their Sociology course work by pairing their Sociology Electives with one of the four Sub-Plans described below. Students who choose the B.S. do not need to take a 2nd language. Instead 2nd language courses are replaced by Math and Stats courses. Keep in mind however, that language skills may still be beneficial for post-graduation goals.

Required Courses

Core Classes

SOC 1001 or 1011V: Introduction to Sociology or Honors Introduction to Sociology
SOC 3701: Social Theory 
SOC 3801: Sociological Research Methods
SOC 3811: Basic Social Statistics or SOC 5811: Intermediate Social Statistics (Fall term only; pre-req SOC 3801)

STAT 3022: Data Analysis (pre-req Soc 3811 or Soc 5811) or SOC 3412: Social Networking or SOC 4821: Measuring the Social World: Concepts and Analysis (pre-req Soc 3801 & Soc 3811)

Note: MATH 1142 or MATH 1271 should be completed before taking STAT 3022 and that SOC 3811 or 5811 are prerequisites for STAT 3022. Undergraduates who wish to take SOC 5811 need to have SOC 3801 done prior to enrollment.

Sociology Elective Classes - General Option or Law, Criminology, and Deviance - 15 credits total

Sociology General Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance
SOC 3/4/5xxx SOC 1101 or SOC 3101 or SOC 3102
SOC 3/4/5xxx SOC 41xx (LCD)
SOC 3/4/5xxx SOC 41xx (LCD)
SOC 3/4/5xxx SOC 3/4/5xxx (NON-LCD)
SOC 4/5xxx SOC 3/4/5xxx - Can be LCD or Non-LCD

Students take 5 SOC 3xxx - 5xxx level electives. At least one of the 5 elective courses must be at the 4xxx level or higher. Honors students need at least 2 electives at the 4xxx level or higher. 5xxx level (graduate) electives are rare, but do exist from year to year.

Sociology B.S. Sub-Plan Worksheets - PDF

Four Sub-Plans (choose one; 4 courses, 12 to 16 Upper Division credits, no mixing and matching):
Organizations, Business, or Non-Profit
Health Care and Careers
Policy Analysis
Quantitative Emphasis

Sociology B.S. Worksheets - PDF

B.S. General (Sp 14 or later) & B.S. General Honors (Sp 14 or later)
B.S. Law, Criminology, and Deviance (Sp 14 or later) & B.S. Law, Criminology, and Deviance Honors (Sp 14 or later)

Special Notes

Major Project or Honors Proseminar Clearance

The Department requires that students have completed all requirements but one elective prior taking 4966W. Students may have two electives left prior to starting the Proseminar sequence. Your Sub-Plan courses do not need to be done, but you are encouraged to have them completed so as to incorporate what you learned in them into your Major Project or Proseminar.

Multiple Majors and students outside of CLA

Students who have 2 or more majors here in CLA need to do only one Major Project or Proseminar sequence - the choice is yours. Students who choose to do their Major Project in another major must take 1 additional Upper Division elective in lieu of 4966W or 4977V and 4978V. For students outside of CLA (i.e. another college here at the University), the College requires students to complete the Major Project or Proseminar Sequence.


Students pursuing Honors must take 4977V and 4978V in the same academic year, as it is a cohort experience. 4977V is Fall term only, 4978V is Spring term only.

Transfer Students

Effective Fall 2014 Transfer students from outside the Twin Cities Campus must take at least 6 Upper Level courses from our Department.