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Undergraduate Program


We have a new application process for undergraduates applying to be a Soc UGTA. Students interested in this opportunity should review the criteria, fill out the application, and turn it into the main office or submit electronically to

Click here for the MS Word application.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of social life. They seek to answer questions about human behavior using scientific research methods such as statistical analysis, survey research, ethnography, conversational analysis, and content analysis. The results of sociological investigations help develop new theories and inform social policy, programs, and laws.

Sociologists study a broad array of topics including intimate relationships, friendship groups, families, education, politics, economic arrangements, organizations, law, crime, inequality, deviance, illness, and more. We are curious about what is going on in the world and more importantly: why and how?

Why study Sociology? What skills can I gain?

Students learn to work creatively with new and challenging problems, conduct research, develop analytical and critical thinking skills, and learn to communicate ideas effectively both orally and in writing. Because this is a such broad field of inquiry, sociology majors are well-equipped to enter a wide range of occupational areas, including corporations, government agencies, social service institutions, legal and law enforcement professions.

Undergraduate Programs - Major and Minor

We offer both a B.A. degree and a B.S. degree and students may choose either the General Sociology or the Sociology of Law, Criminology, or Deviance (LCD) option of our major. More information can be found here.

Check out our Advising page to learn who we are, where to find us, our walk-in hours, and how to declare one of our majors or minors. We strongly encourage students to declare before you earn 60 credits.

It is never too early to start going to CLA Career Services in 411 STSS to help tie your major, degree, internships, and volunteer experiences together for your post-graduation plans.

Public Health Minor

The College of Liberal Arts in conjunction with the School of Public Health is offers an Undergraduate Public Health Minor. The minor is jointly advised by Sociology and Geography.

Soc Scene Newsletter

Get up-to-date undergraduate Sociology alerts, upcoming events, listings for job, internship, and volunteer opportunities, and more by checking out the announcements in the Soc Scene

Much of the text on this page is adapted from the American Sociological Association's brochure "Sociology: A 21st Century Major."


Adviser Bobby Bryant

Bobby Bryant
Coordinator of Advising

Lydia Quint sitting at her desk

Lydia Quint
Peer Adviser

Prof. Teresa Swartz

Teresa Swartz
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Prof. Kathy Hull

Kathleen Hull
Faculty Honors Representative


Student Group

University of Minnesota Sociological Association

Our very active undergraduate student group often has links and updates on the UMSA web page.