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Michelle Phelps

Michelle Phelps

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2013 Princeton University
Room 1035 Social Sciences

Curriculum Vitae

Interest Areas

Crime, Law, and Deviance; Inequality; Mixed Methods

Current Research

Prof. Phelps’ research is in the sociology of punishment, focusing in particular on the punitive turn in the U.S. Her current work focuses on the rise of probation supervision as a criminal justice sanction and its relationship to mass incarceration. She has also examined a variety of criminal justice topics, including: changes in rehabilitative programming in U.S. prisons since the 1970s and the recent decarceration trend and its implications for inequality. Together with Prof. Joshua Page and Philip Goodman, she is also working on a book tentatively titled Breaking the Pendulum: The Long Struggle Over Criminal Justice.

Selected Publications

“Inequality and Punishment: A Turning Point for Mass Incarceration?” with Devah Pager. Forthcoming. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (exp. Jan 2016).

The Long Struggle: An Agonistic Perspective on Penal Development.” with Philip Goodman and Joshua Page. 2014. Theoretical Criminology Online First.

 “The Paradox of Probation: Community Supervision in the Age of Mass Incarceration”. 2013. Law & Policy 35(1-2): 51-80.

The Place of Punishment: Variation in the Provision of Inmate Services Staff Across the Punitive Turn.” 2012. Journal of Criminal Justice 40(5): 348-357.

" Rehabilitation in the Punitive Era: The Gap between Rhetoric and Reality in U.S. Prison Programs.” 2011. Law & Society Review 45(1): 33-68.