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Phyllis Moen

Protrait: Phyllis Moen

Professor, McKnight Presidential Chair in Sociology
Ph.D. 1978 University of Minnesota
Room 1123 Social Sciences
Phone: 612-625-5483

Curriculum Vitae

Flexible Work and Well-Being Study

Interest Areas

Work, Family, Subjective Well-Being, Health, Policy, Gendered Life Course

Current Research

Professor Moen studies the mismatch between outdated work-time and career/retirement scripts and 21st century workforce and economic realities.  She also studies gender differences and disparities at all stages of the changing life course. With Erin Kelly (MIT) and the Work, Family and Health Network, she investigates organizational work-time policies and practices, employee time strains, psychological and physical health outcomes; this includes the effects of an organizational-level innovation aimed at increasing supervisor support and employee control over where and when they work. Dr. Moen is incoming president of a large interdisciplinary and international association. Work and Family Researchers’ Network. She received the Dean’s Medal in 2015, as well as the Sociology Department’s mentorship award. Dr. Moen was awarded a fellowship at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study of the Behavior Sciences for the 2015-16 academic year.

Selected Publications

Boomers on the Edge: Risks and Renewal in Encore Adulthood. Forthcoming. New York: Oxford University Press.

 “Constrained Choices? Linking Employees’ and Spouses/ Work Time to Health Behaviors” with Wen Fan, Jack Lam, Erin L Kelly, Rosalind King, and Susan McHale. 2015. Social Science & Medicine, 126: 99-109.

Healthy Time Use in the Encore Years: Do Work, Resources, Relations, and Gender Matter?” with Sarah Flood.  2015. Journal of Health and Social Behavior. 56(1): 74-97.

Is Work-Family Conflict A Multilevel Stressor Linking Job Conditions to Mental Health? Evidence from the Work, Family and Health Network" with Anne Kaduk, Ellen Kossek, Leslie Hammer, OrfeuBuxton, et al. 2015.Research in the Sociology of Work. 26: 177-217.

"Changing Work and Work-Family Conflict: Evidence from the Work, Family and Health Network” with Erin Kelly, J. Michael Oakes, Wen Fan, et. al. 2014. American Sociological Review, 79(3): 425-516.