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Enid Logan

Protrait: Enid Lynette Logan

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 2005 University of Michigan
Room 956 Social Sciences
Phone: 612-624-3598

Curriculum Vitae

Interest Areas

Blackness in the Americas, Contemporary U.S. Race Relations; Race & the Body, Race & Electoral Politics, Blacks and Social Class, Afro-Latin America

Current Research

At the center of Professor Logan’s research agenda is the study of the evolving social construct of blackness in the 21st century.  At present, Logan is working on a number of projects pertaining to race and to blackness, in connection with electoral politics, social class, pedagogy, and the body.  These projects include-

  • Towards a Sociology of Race and the Body
  • Configuring the First Black President:  Embodied Dimensions of the New Politics of Race
  • Crack Babies & Meth Moms: Bodies at the Intersections of Science, Medicine, Gender & Race
  • The Natural Hair Movement- The Racial Politics of Beauty in a Post-Racial Age
  • Black Racial Futures: Social Class and Disparate Trajectories of Black Racialization
  • Desirable (?) Hispanics and The Problem with The Blacks – the Republican Party’s Rocky Road to “Diversity”
  • Using Autobiographical Narrative to Facilitate Student Learning about Race, Gender, Class & Sexuality

Selected Publications

Book Cover: At This Defining Moment

Barack Obama, The New Politics of Race, and Classed Constructions of Racial Blackness.” 2014. The Sociological Quarterly 55: 653-682

“Let Herman Be Herman: Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain and the Utility of Blackness for the Political Right.” Chapter 11 in The Social Side of Politics, Hartmann & Uggen eds. 2013. New York: Norton.

At This Defining Moment": Barack Obama's Presidential Candidacy and the New Politics of Race. 2011 New York:  NYU Press.