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Douglas Hartmann

Protrait: Douglas Hartmann

Ph.D. 1997 Ph.D. University of California, San Diego
Room 835 Social Sciences
Phone: 612-624-0835

Curriculum Vitae

American Mosaic Project (AMP)

Interest Areas

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; Sociology of Culture; Sport Studies; Social Movements; American Society; Field Methods; Contemporary Theory; Public Engagement.

Current Research

Selected Publications

Migration, Incorporation, and Change in an Interconnected World. with Syed Ali. 2015. New York: Routledge / Taylor-Francis.

Reflections on Race, Diversity, and the Crossroads of Multiculturalism.” 2015. The Sociological Quarterly.

Colorblindness in Black and White: An Analysis of Core Tenets, Configurations, and Complexities.” with Alex Manning and Joseph Gerteis. 2015. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity.

“Kids of Color in the American Sporting Landscape: Limited, Concentrated, and Controlled.” with Alex Manning. 2015. In Child’s Play, edited by Michael Messner and Micheala Musto. Rutgers University Press.

Binge Drinking and Sports Participation in College: Patterns among Athletes and Former Athletes.” with Kyle Green and Toben Nelson. 2014.  International Journal for the Sociology of Sport, 49 (3-4): 417-433.

“Politics and Sports: Strange and Secret Bedfellows.” with Kyle Green. 2014. Pp. 87-102 in The Social Side of Politics, edited by Douglas Hartmann and Christopher Uggen. New York: Norton.

 “Race-Based Critical Theory and the ‘Happy Talk’ of Diversity in America.” (with Joyce Bell).  2013. Pp. 229-248 in Illuminating Social Life: Classical and Contemporary Theory Revisited, edited by Peter Kivisto. Sage.