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Eric Grodsky

Protrait: Eric Grodsky

Associate Professor
Ph.D. 2002 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Room 1014A Social Sciences
Phone: 612-624-7548

Curriculum Vitae

Interest Areas

Sociology of Education; Stratification; Quantitative Methods

Current Research

STEM in the New Millennium examines how the effects of grades, test scores and course taking on college attendance and declaring a STEM major have changed over time. In a related project we will evaluate the relationship between STEM course taking and labor market outcomes for students who complete sub-baccalaureate degrees.

Ready or Not? California’s Early Assessment Program and the Transition to College evaluates how informing students of their need for remediation while in high school impacts students senior year course taking patterns, transition to college and need for remediation upon college entry.

Should Everyone Go to College? In this project we take seriously the question of whether or not America is best served by pushing more and more students into higher education. Reviewing empirical work on the chances of degree completion and the earnings distributions of students who start but fail to complete their postsecondary credential, we suggest that higher education is a kind of a lottery in which those who win do quite well but those who lose are not necessarily better off than they would have been had they not played at all.

Selected Publications

Something to Fall Back On: Community Colleges as a Safety Net,” with Demetra Kalogrides. Social Forces 89 (3): 853-878.

Sex and School:  Adolescent Sexual Intercourse and Education,” with Bill McCarthy. Social Problems 58 (2): 213-234.

Book Cover: Equal Opportunity in Higher EducationEqual Opportunity in Higher Education: The Past and Future of California's Proposition 209, edited with Michal Kurlaender. 2010. Cambridge: Harvard Education Press.

The Intersection of Course-Taking and Test Scores: Differences by Students’ Race/Ethnicity and School Context,” with C. Riegle-Crumb.2010. Sociology of Education 83(3):248-270.