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Graduate Students

Name Address Phone & Email
Aguilar-Champeau, Matthew 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Andic, Tanja 837 Social Sciences 612-625-7294
Ankrava, Arta 972 Social Sciences 612-624-1049
August, Amy 1160 Social Sciences 612-624-6509
Billups, Sarah Catherine 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Brunsberg, Sarah 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Delehanty, Jack 1082 Social Sciences 612-624-8577
DeMuth, Scott Off Site
Duke, Naomi Off Site
Erensu, Sinan Off Site
Fraker, Carolyn Off Site
Frost, Jacqui 1052 Social Sciences 612-624-7509
Garnai, Erez 1058 Social Science 612-624-2364
Green, Kyle 974 Social Sciences 612-624-6807
Gulya, Lisa 1082 Social Sciences 612-624-8577
Gunther, Matthew 1058 Social Science 612-624-2360
Ha, Trang (Jasmine) 727 Social Science 612-625-7627
Heise, Kia 1168 Social Sciences 612-624-8040
Hoekstra, Erin Off Site
Horowitz, Veronica 1058 Social Sciences 612-624-2360
Huang, Liqi (Kevin) 1058 Social Sciences 612-624-2360
Jimenez, Anthony Off Site
Jollymore, Annie Off Site
Kaduk, Anne 1168 Social Sciences 612-624-8040
Karakaya, Yagmur 1052 Social Sciences 612-624-7509
Kojola, Erik 1058 Social Sciences 612-624-2360
Larson, Ryan 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Lee, Shi-Rong 1082 Social Sciences 612-624-8577
Lightner, Stefanie Off Site
Lyimo, Francis 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Mahadeo, Rahsaan 1014 Social Sciences 612-624-9601
Manning, Alex 1082 Social Sciences 612-624-8577
McElrath, Suzy Maves 1156 Social Sciences 612-624-7602
Molina, Jessica Off Site
Narayan, Devika 1058 Social Sciences 612-624-2360
Nobles, Allison 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Patterson, Zach 972 Social Sciences 612-624-1049
Pharris, Mark 972 Social Sciences 612-624-1049
Rajasekar, Neeraj 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
saliba, jim 837 Social Sciences 612-625-7294
Saralampi, Monica 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Springer, Emily Off Site
Steel, Ryan 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Stepnitz, Becky 1168 Social Sciences 612-624-8040
Stewart, Evan 1052 Social Sciences 612-624-7509
Stewart, Rob 1052 Social Sciences 612-624-7509
Strano, Andria Off Site
Suh, Stephen Off Site
Svec, Joe 978 Social Sciences 612-624-7326
Taborda, Caitlin 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Van Oort, Madison Off Site
Wahutu, J Siguru 978 Social Sciences 612-624-7326
Whetstone, Sarah Off Site
Wu, Chen-Yu (Andy) Off Site
Wu, Marie Off Site
Wulff, Stephen 1067 Social Sciences 612-624-5296
Zhang, Lei (Frank) 725 Social Sciences 612-624-0081
grad students

Scott DeMuth, Yagmur Karakaya, & Wenjie Liao at 2013 SRI.

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Graduate News

  • Another doctor in the house!

    Wen Fan successfully defended her dissertation, "Children of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: Disrupted Education, Send-Down Experiences, and Midlife Health," on June 2, 2015. Wen is advised by Professor Phyllis Moen. In July, she begins her career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Boston College. Congratulations, Dr. Fan!

    June 4th, 2015
  • Congratulations Dr. Liao!

    Wenjie Liao successfully defended her dissertation, "Remembering the Faces of Law: Collective Memories and Legal Consciousness in Traditional China," on June 2, 2015. Wenjie is advised by Professors Elizabeth Boyle and Joachim Savelsberg. In Fall 2015, she begins her career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Congratulations, Dr. Liao!

    June 4th, 2015

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