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Jeffrey P. Broadbent

Protrait: Jeffrey Broadbent

Ph.D. 1982 Harvard University
Room 1026 Social Sciences
Phone: 612-624-1828

Curriculum Vitae

Interest Areas

Political Sociology; Environmental Sociology; Social Movements; Network Analysis; Discourse Analysis, Institutions and Culture; Cross-national Comparative Methods; Climate Change; Japan; East Asia; Ethnography, Global and Comparative/Historical Sociology.

Current Research

COMPON-Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks.
Comparative study of how discourse and mobilization affect national policies to mitigate (reduce) climate change in 19 countries.  Funded by National Science Foundation

Fractal Isomorphism: Self-Similarity of Relational Patterns in US, Japanese and German Political Societies

Culture and Governance: Does culture affect the authoritarian state-environmental movement relationship?—China, Taiwan, South Korea, Soviet Union and Japan: Funded by East Asian Institute, Seoul, Korea.

Selected Publications

“Dimensions of Contentious Dynamics: Reconciling Structural, Relational and Cultural Aspects through Ethnographic Network Analysis.” Forthcoming. Cultural Sociology Working Papers, Center for Cultural Sociology, Yale University.

 “Inter-disciplinary Analysis of Climate Change and Society: A Network Approach,” with Philip Vaughter. Forthcoming in Michael Manfredo (ed.), Understanding Society and Natural Resources: Forging New Strands of Integration Across the Social Sciences, Springer Press.

 “Mitigating Climate Change: Sociological Perspectives,” with Karen Erhardt-Martinez, Tom Rudel, and Kari Norgaard. Forthcoming in Riley Dunlap and Bob Brulle (editors), Sociological Approaches to Climate Change Mitigation (tentative title), American Sociological Association and  Oxford University Press. Book Cover: East Asian Social Movements

 “Asian Societies and Climate Change: Global Events and Domestic Discourse,” with Sun-Jin Yun, Dowan Ku, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Keiichi Satoh, Sony Pellissery, Pradip Swarnarkar, Tze-Luen Lin, Ho-Ching Lee and Jun Jin. 2013. Globality Studies Journal No. 32.

Introduction: East Asian Social Movements. 2011. Pp. 1-30. East Asian Social Movements: Power, Protest and Change in a Dynamic Region, J. Broadbent and V. Brockman (editors). New York: Springer.