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Yanjie Bian

Protrait: Yanjie Bian

Ph.D. 1990 State University of New York, Albany
Room 967 Social Sciences
Phone: 612-624-9554

Curriculum Vitae

Interest Areas

Economic sociology; Social networks; Social stratification; Chinese society.

Current Research

Guanxi-based corporate social capital; Social networks and jobs in Chinese cities; Institutional change and social mobility in post-Mao China.

Selected Publications

"Subjective Wellbeing of Chinese People: A Multifaceted View" with Lei Zhang, Jianke Yang, Xiaoxian Guo, Ming Lei. 2014. Social Indicators Research online.

"Subjective Wellbeing in China and Britain" with Yang Xiao. 2014. Journal of Sociological Research (2).

"East Asian Social Networks" with Ken'ichi Ikeda. 2014. In Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining, co-edited by Reda Alhaji & Jon Rokne. Springer.

"Corporate Social Capital in Chinese Guanxi Culture," with Lei Zhang. 2014. Research in the Sociology of Organizations 40: 417-439.

"Guanxi Culture and Guanxi Social Capital" with Lei Zhang. 2013. Journal of Humanities (1): 107-113.

"Dual Social Networks and Their Distributions: A China-Britain Comparison" with Mingsong Hao. 2013. Journal of Sociological Research (2).

Social Networks and Status Attainment: The 8-Chinese City Social Survey. 2012. Beijing: Social Science Academic Press.

"The Chinese General Social Survey (2003-2008): Sample Designs and Data Evaluation" with Lulu Li. 2012. Chinese Sociological Reveiw 45: 70-97.

"A Social Network Model of Job-Search Processes: Testing the Guanxi Effect Hypothesis" with Wenhong Zhang and Cheng Cheng. 2012. Chinese Journal of Sociology (3): 24-27.