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Yanjie Bian

Protrait: Yanjie Bian

Ph.D. 1990 State University of New York, Albany
Room 967 Social Sciences
Phone: 612-624-9554

Curriculum Vitae

Interest Areas

Economic sociology; Social networks; Social stratification; Chinese society.

Current Research

Guanxi-based corporate social capital; Social networks and jobs in Chinese cities; Institutional change and social mobility in post-Mao China.

Selected Publications

"Guanxi Culture and Guanxi Social Capital" with Lei Zhang. 2013. Journal of Humanities (1): 107-113.

“Dual Social Networks and Their Distributions: A China-Britain Comparison” With Mingsong Hao, 2013. Journal of Sociological Research (2).

Social Networks and Status Attainment: The 8-Chinese City Social Survey, with others. 2012. Beijing: Social Science Academic Press.

"The Chinese General Social Survey (2003-2008): Sample Designs and Data Evaluation" with Lulu Li. 2012. Chinese Sociological Reveiw 45: 70-97.

"A Social Network Model of Job-Search Processes: Testing the Guanxi Effect Hypothesis" with Wenhong Zhang and Cheng Cheng. 2012. Chinese Journal of Sociology (3): 24-27.

"Network Social Capital and Civic Engagement in Environmentalism: Findings from Chinese General Social Survey" pp. 37-53 in Social Capital and Civic Engagement in Asia, edited by Amita Daniere and Hy Luong. London and New York: Routledge.

"Sector-Crossing Social Capital and Its Impact on Wage Income" with Wang, Zhang and Cheng. 2012. Chinese Social Sciences. No. 2:110-126.

“Relational Sociology and Its Academic Significance.” 2010. Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University Social Sciences. (30): 1-6.

Network Resources and Job Mobility in China’s Transitional Economy” with Xianbi Huang. 2009. Research in the Sociology of Work 19:255-282.