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Zack Almquist


Assistant Professor of Sociology & School of Statistics
Ph.D. 2013 University of California, Irvine
Room 960 Social Sciences
Phone: 612-624-1895
Statistics Website:

Curriculum Vitae

Interest Areas

Social Network Analysis, Mathematical and Computational Sociology, Spatial Analysis, Demography, Public Health, Methodology, and Human Judgment and Decision Making

Current Research

Prof. Almquist’s scholarship is centered in two primary areas:  social network analysis, where his research focuses on the effects of geography and time on social processes (and large-scale social structure) and the measurement and sampling of social networks; and demography, where he looks to integrate spatial analysis and social network analysis with classic and formal demographic theory. Underlying both of these themes is a strong interest in developing statistical techniques for application to social science problems

Selected Publications

"Predicting Regional Self-Identification from Spatial Network Models" with Carter T. Butts. 2014. Geographical Analysis. 1-23.

"Networks, Space, and Residents' Perception of Cohesion" with Adam Boessen, John R. Hipp, Emily J. Smith, Carter T. Butts, Nicholas N. Nagle. 2014. American Journal of Community Psychology. 53(3-4): 447-461.

"Logistic Network Regression for Scalable Analysis of Networks with Joint Edge/Vertex Dynamics" with Carter T. Butts. 2014. Sociological Methodology. 44(1): 273-321.

"Dynamic Network Logistic Regression: A Logistic Choice Analysis of Inter and Intra-group Blog Citation Dynamics in the 2004 US Presidential Election" with Carter T. Butts. 2013. Political Analysis 21(4): 430-448.

Point Process Models for Household Distributions within Small Areal Units,” with Carter T. Butts. 2012. Demographic Research 26:593–632.

Random Errors in Egocentric Networks”. 2012. Social Networks 34:493-505.