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Each year the Sociology Department celebrates student research at the Sociology Research Institute (SRI). This academic festival provides an opportunity for our graduate and undergraduate students to present their research in a professional meeting format and offers an occasion for all of us to appreciate the ideas and interests that capture the imagination of our students. In addition, we invite a nationally recognized scholar to present the keynote address and to participate in an open exchange of ideas with our students. SRI is also a time when we honor achievements in research, teaching and service; invite our alumni and friends to campus; and reflect on the accomplishment of a tremendous group of students, faculty and staff.


On April 17th we gathered to celebrate a quarter century of exciting student research and exceptional accomplishments.   The presentations by our graduate and undergraduate students were thought-provoking and generated stimulating discussions.  Over 40 individuals participated in the 9 panel sessions held throughout the day.  The keynote address, "Innocent, Innocent, Not even guilty": The State-Sanctioned Violence of (white) Self-Defense by Lisa Cacho was timely and provided a venue for discussion around the topic that is currently occupying much media attention.  Department Chair, Elizabeth Boyle, announced this year’s recipient of the Public Sociology Award to Cawo Abdi.  We thank all of the participants and congratulate the award winners!

Some of our undergraduate seniors being honored during the luncheon program.