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On the Market Graduate Students

Below you will find information about current UMN Ph.D. candidates now on the job market.

Kyungmin Baek

  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  • Advisor: Erin Kelly
  • Research Interests: Organizational Theory; Economic Sociology; Corporate Social Responsibility; Law and Social Policy; Statistics
  • Dissertation Title: The Adoption and Outcomes of ISO 14001 across Korean Business Firms

Arturo Baiocchi

  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  • Advisor: Douglas Hartmann and Christopher Uggen
  • Research Interests: Mental Health and Vulnerable Populations, Race Relations, Life Course and Health Disparities
  • Dissertation Title: Aging out of Care: Former Foster Youth and the New Culture of Mental Health

Keith Cunnien

  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  • Advisor: Joseph Gerteis
  • Research Interests: Democracy, Political Sociology, Social Movements, Inequality, Family, Work, Efficacy, and Decision-Making
  • Dissertation Title: The Meaning of Everyday Democracy in Civic, Family, and Work Spheres: A Mixed Methods Study

Shannon Golden

  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  • Advisor: Elizabeth Heger Boyle
  • Research Interests: Sociology of Law, Peace, war & social conflict, Migration & displacement, Methods, Religion, Race & ethnicity.
  • Dissertation Title: After Atrocity: Community Reconstruction in Northern Uganda

Kyle Green

  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  • Advisor: Doug Hartmann and Teresa Gowan
  • Research Interests: Sociological and Cultural Theory, Sport and Physical Culture, Embodiment, Storytelling, Gender and Masculinity, Sociology of the Self, Qualitative Methodologies
  • Dissertation Title: The Allure of Mixed Martial Arts: Meaning Making, Masculinity and the Embodiment of Suburbia.

Wenjie Liao

  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  • Advisors: Joachim Salvesberg and Elizabeth Heger Boyle
  • Research Interests: Law and Society, Deviance, Social Memory, Culture, Globalization and International Law, contemporary China, quantitative methods, mixed-methods research.
  • Dissertation Title: Legal Consciousness and Collective Memories in Transitional China.

Raphi Rechitsky

  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  • Advisor: Ronald Aminzade
  • Research Interests: Sociology of Migration, Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational Sociology, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methods
  • Dissertation Title Global Migration, Governance, and Social Exclusion in the Borderlands: The Case of Asylum Seekers in Ukraine

Sarah Whetstone

  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
  • Advisor: Teresa Gowan and Doug Hartmann
  • Research Interests: Race, Class, and Gender; Social Theory; Punishment, Deviance, and Social Control; Sociology of Health and Illness; Drugs & Society; Qualitative Methods
  • Dissertation Title: Kicking the Habit: Recovering from Addiction across Social Divides