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Perspectives from the Minnesota Sociology Centennial

Brief Papers of Alumni and Former Faculty Panelists, March 30, 2002

Preface (pdf)
Ronald Aminzade, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Ronald E. Anderson, Ph.D.
SRI Committee Chair
Our First and Next 100 Years (pdf)
Ronald E. Anderson, Ph.D.
University of Minnesota
The Minnesota Contribution to China Studies in Sociology (pdf)
Yanjie Bian, Ph.D.
Inequality and Political Action: Research, Capacity Building and Empowerment (pdf)
Barry B. Cohen M.A., Ph.D.
Rainbow Research, Inc
Societal Institutions, Organizations, and Culture (pdf)
Joe Galaskiewicz, Ph.D.
Position Paper for Centennial Celebration (pdf)
Peter M. Hall, Ph.D.
University of Missouri
Contrasting Decades (pdf)
Arthur L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Misadventures in Social Theory (pdf)
Philip Kretsedemas, Ph.D.
Ryerson University
Untitled (pdf)
Pat Lauderdale, Ph.D.
Untitled (pdf)
Bob Leik, Ph.D.
Reflections (pdf)
Scott Magnuson-Martinson, Ph.D.
The Legacy of a Minnesota Education: Looking Critically at the Profession and Discipline of Sociology (pdf)
James L. McCartney, Ph.D.
Interim Director, International Center
Professor of Sociology
University of Missouri, Columbia
Minnesota Paper (pdf)
Brent Miller, Ph.D.
Opening Statement for the Panel on Family, Life Course, and Health (pdf)
Timothy J. Owens, Ph.D.
Purdue University
Social Psychology Panel (pdf)
Sharon Preves, Ph.D.
Reading, Writing, and Theory (pdf)
By Robert A. Stebbins, Ph.D.
Factors Associated with Heterogeneity in the Risk of Using Health Services Covered by PMAP and MinnesotaCare: Part I (pdf)
Edward F. Van Cleave, Ph.D.
Minnesota Department of Health
Sport and Cultural Memory (pdf)
Stephen G. Wieting, Ph.D.
Status Hierarchies in American Portrait Painting (pdf)
Nancy Wisely, Ph.D.
Stephen F. Austin State University
The Challenges and Delights of Writing a Shaker Mystery A Personal Essay (pdf)
Deborah Woodworth, Ph.D.